Mmmm, so Heather is mulling joining the NRA. My comment to her is thus: join the organization so that you can reform it. For one, if you get their publications, you get to see their spin on their work, which rarely if ever gets through the general media. [The NRA makes a great straw man to beat.] Of course, you also get to see some of the NRA’s over-the-line stupidity, too. I’m a member mainly because I have also written letters to the organization to tell them to straighten up. They won’t listen if they don’t get my money, but if they do, they’re more likely to listen.

They’re right more often than they’re wrong. This reminds me…I need to get my right-to-carry license now that I’m of age. I also need to find a decent handgun. I don’t anticipate ever needing it, but I understand that being armed is a deterrent.