Enforce Whatcha Got, Rather Than Making More Laws

Wow, sense out of the DoJ? Now, if only they’ll wholeheartedly prosecute the MSFT case forward from where it is…but I digress.

I noted that I disagreed with Sean about gun control. We had a nice discussion over ICQ about it, where we both asked questions and got answers. I gave Sean some information he didn’t have, then decided I’d look it up online to see if I can find it. You have to wade through the controversy over dumping NICS checks after one day, but a story on FoxNews.com [since deleted] notes that the Ashcroft Justice Department is doing what the Reno Justice Department failed to do: enforce our gun laws. [semi-rant follows]

For all the people that want more gun control, I offer this fact: 217,000 NICS checks showed a possible denial. Only 294 of those 217,000 were ever apprehended during the time period of the Brady Act’s enactment [early in the Clinton Administration, sometime in 1994, IIRC] until January 5th of this year. [Ashcroft picks his statistical, historical data points well.]

NICS is an effective system–if you’ve been arrested for a crime that’s a Brady Act no-no, NICS says, “Hold up!” If the authorities can’t definitively say within three days, “This joker doesn’t deserve the privilege of firearms ownership, and should be denied his Second Amendment rights under due process of the law,” they let the purchase go through.

That just over 0.01% of the cases resulted in arrests is in my mind laughable, and that fact shows the half-hearted nature of the Reno DoJ to enforce the gun laws we do have. There are doubtless plenty of people who have purchased firearms that should have been denied that purchase under Brady, but the Reno DoJ would rather bitch about needing more gun control laws than actually enforcing the very good one they have on the books.

Hey, I’m a card-carrying member of the NRA. [It’s just that the one I had expired, and a new one’s on its way to me in the mail.] I own one firearm [a Ruger 10-22: .22LR-firing semiautomatic carbine], and I’d like to purchase a handgun for personal safety. [I have my reasons.] But I recognize that not everyone has shown that they merit the right to own firearms. Under due process, we can remove that right in this society. That’s what we need to do–we don’t need more stringent gun control laws than what we already have.