Why Dennis Miller is Cool on MNF

You know, too many people bitch about Dennis Miller on MNF: “He’s not funny,” “He’s over everyone’s head,” and “He thinks he’s so damned smart!” are common retorts when the subject’s brought up in most circles.

But I, on the other hand, love listening to Miller. It’s educational–for example, when he referred to semaphore [the art of communicating with flags] in discussing some referee’s call, most folks reeled in horror. I just laughed like a madman.

Really, do you want to listen to Boomer Esiason talk about how he would have kept his team going on the downside of a 41-9 blowout–or that he never would have been down by that much in the first place–or would you rather listen to Miller teach you something and make you think about football in relation to the rest of life? Me, I choose the latter, but then I want to be overeducated when I grow up.

So, if you like Dennis Miller’s insanity, I offer you this link to The Annotated Dennis Miller for last night’s game. I’m sad I missed it, but hey, the cool thing to note is that Al Michaels and Dan Fouts have gotten in the act. Really, football’s part of a larger American culture, and commentary such as this embraces that fact. It makes for high-brow TV, which doesn’t really seem to fly on primetime network TV, but hey.