-scratches chin-

Well, I’m bored at work. [It’s not that I don’t have anything to do; I just don’t have the power to do anything that’s on my plate right now. I love being a co-op, and I hate being a co-op.] So I flipped up the Greymatter site, and seeing that there weren’t new discussions to follow in the forum, I flipped back to the jump-off point to go see if I could find something interesting to read.
I did.

-scratches chin-

It has me thinking. Aaron has two GM applications: a true whatever-I’m-thinking-about-at-the-time ‘blog, and a purer, deeper journal. I’m now considering doing something similar with IJSM, with the front page being, well, something.


My problem is this: I like to think great thoughts [or what I think to be great, anyway–you may not think so, but if you’re here, maybe you do, so what’s your damage, eh?], and I like to rant. Rants are usually not deep [even if they reflect deeper-seated issues]. I’d like my journal entries to be deep and carefully-crafted like some people we know. This isn’t obligatory Amy butt-kissing because she’s a friend; I’m consistently impressed with the depth and care her craft presents. It’s somewhat more what I aspire to do, but you know, the ranting is needed. It’s either that, or let my blood pressure get high.

So maybe I’m going to reorganize the site. [Here comes Todd, ready to rush in and go, “Hey, uh, dude, you still have a computer to build and another site to design. -bitchslap-“] Because the rants should be read as the rants–and mind you, every once in a while when I really, really get going, it gets a little funny–and because the deeper stuff should be read as, well, the deeper stuff, I feel the need to separate it.

As if I needed another project to undertake right now. Perhaps I can roll this out by my birthday.