An Interesting Question

I asked the kids in the small group I lead at church an interesting question tonight:
“If you had to distill Christianity into one sentence of belief, what would you say? Don’t run on and on–be as concise as possible.”

One of my kids had a really good one; unfortunately, my memory fails me as to what she really said. Here’s what I said, which sounds vague and theological, but it works for me:

“Christianity is the belief in a relationship with Jesus, who was sent by God to save the world from sin and serve as a direct medium to God.”

That’s still not as nice as I’d like it to be; distilling Christianity that far is, perhaps, a bit harsh of a treatment of the faith. Perhaps a five-sentence paragraph suits it better; I’ll mull something over.

Now I think I understand the problem of the Council of Nicea. =) And I’m just one person; getting a group of theologians to agree on the nature of the Christian conception of God would be like getting New York City to agree on one pizza to be delivered to every resident.

One thought on “An Interesting Question”

  1. Asking anyone to summarize their religious beliefs in a concise sentence is impossible. There’s no way to explain something so personal and important in just a few words.

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