Shopping, HO!

The bitch of it all is this: I forgot my cell phone charger *and* my spare battery [like an idiot] when I left Wednesday. My cell phone battery is down to one bar, and dangit, I’m here for another day.

So I get to go shopping with all the fools today. What fun *that* is going to be! But I’m also going to swing by the electronics section and get an idea of how much a new car stereo would be. I’ve had too much fun with my grandmother’s 6 CD changer in her car [guess what–I’m the only one who uses it!] not to consider getting one.

I don’t know whether I’m leaving for Huntsvegas today or tomorrow. It all depends on when my grandmother wants to go back. If she’s ready to go, well, I’m the chauffeur! Either way, I have to be back in Huntsvegas Saturday night for 1) hockey and 2) sleep before church on Sunday morning. No, they can’t do without me. I keep telling them that they can, though …

Off for Day Three of the Road Show. Doug needs the computer before he goes to work. [And yes, MODEMS SUCK!]