-expletive deleted-

Here’s something that, frankly, just doesn’t happen: me getting a cold. Sure, I get sniffles every once in a while, but that’s no big deal. They’re usually related to allergy and/or sinus issues.

So when I woke up five minutes ago with a frog in my throat and crap in my sinuses, I uttered a few mild expletives. I have too much to do today to be sick: I have a hockey game to scream and yell at tonight, friends to help move, and work to slog through, since I still haven’t gotten things squared away at work.

I have the current gut feeling about my day:

1. Work will get FUBAR, as I can’t find the person [again] I need to contact in order to take Ethics Training.

2. Because work is FUBAR, I will never get free to help Kat and Sean.

3. My cold won’t get a hell of a lot better today, and even the magical power of Vick’s Chloraseptic throat lozenges won’t render my voice to something approaching normality.

4. My throat’s inability to let my voice be normal will shutter me at the hockey game.

5. UAH will, just for spite, really get that series split I predicted for this week, but instead of losing tomorrow night, they will lose tonight, just because it’s today.

Only illness and depression can sap my natural optimism.

I think I’m going to rummage around for a lozenge and get my fat ass back in bed. I am really not ready to face the world this morning just yet.