Blah Morning

Well, I woke up this morning around the time I’d planned–5:20 or so. I’d hoped to get to work around 6:30 so I could get work stuff done early and work on some homework and such. When I awoke, it was because I had the Sinus Headache from Hell. I finally got my eyes focused and pointing the same direction, so I stumbled down the hall to find some pain reliever that also had a decongestant to it.

See, when I get sinus headaches, they get so bad it’s hard for me to function. I usually get nausea with them, too. Great fun in my world. So when I found medication, I took it and crawled back in bed after setting an alarm to get up in an hour or so.

Well, an hour later, my headache was no better. I played the fast-forward alarm-clock game until around 8:00, just so I could function enough to drive in to work. I’m still sitting here with a pretty stout sinus headache, but it’s nothing I can’t slag through … I think.

And I’m pissed as well. Why the heck did areas north and south of Huntsville both get bitchslapped with snow and ice, but Huntsville was left relatively unscathed? Why? I mean, come on, I moved to Monte Sano for the weather, good and bad. Our road’s been shut down all of twice … both times for less than 12 hours. Grrrr.

Oh well, time to shut up and work…