Nah, It’s Not As If International Convention’s Stopped ‘Em Before

Well, so the U.S. military is admitting that the Iraqis likely have some American POW’s. Al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite network that you either love or hate, ran video from Iraq showing the POW’s being interviewed–and, apparently, some of the folks on camera were soldiers who’d been … executed.

Now, the U.S. government asked Al-Jazeera to stop running the tape, and after running it for an hour, they assented to the U.S. request. Why? The interview was a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Imagine that … Iraq violating international law. That’s never happened.

This raises a couple questions:

1) Is the U.S. ground assault going too fast, too soon because they have media “embedded” in the units?

2) Will anything come of the violations, or will the world community back down from whacking Iraq yet again?