For Now, I’m Cool With That

So the Ant-Dawg and I rolled down the mountain to Sammy T’s tonight. It’s a local bar/music hall/whatever. Ran into a bunch of folks from school [mainly SGA and Greek folks] that I hadn’t seen in a few months. Everybody was like, “Oh, what the hell … Geof’s out on the town?”

Mind you, I don’t hit the local “hot spots” [as if Huntsville has many] quite often. I get weird [for me] when in such settings; my normal loud, boisterous nature turns quiet and reserved. Other than talking to Anthony, I probably didn’t say more than twenty words to anyone else in there.

That’s pretty amusing for me … I’m “that guy”, the guy who goes somewhere and knows everybody. I’m a guy who knows people. But in a smoky room with beer flowing like milk and honey in Canaan, I become Mr. Wallflower.

I don’t know why that is, but … it’s me.

Pretty much all the people I ran into asked what I was doing. “Oh, just working,” was my answer. And, really, that’s the truth. I mean, other than my hobby of helping to run [], I don’t do much of anything outside of work. There’s church, but … church is an avocation and a given.

Compare this to when I was in school, when I was 1) always working 2) usually doing some kind of amateur or professional writing, usually sportswriting, but also opinion pieces for the paper 3) always involved in student government [and, well, “involved” is a mild, mild term] 4) occasionally running other weird side shows in my spare time.

Now, I just work, come home, hang out with friends some, and otherwise do a whole lot of nothing.

It’s weird, but for now, I’m cool with that.

Give it another three months, and I probably won’t be, knowing me.