You know it’s bad when, on Tuesday, you have to bail on work early to take a nap and try to straighten out your sleep debt.

It’s Youth Week at church. We’re very short of youth counselors right now; stupid church politics [I think] have had our youth coordinator, Jeff, leave the organization. [I’d explain, but there’s a chance that people from my church read this site, so I will shut up.] Joy, the pastor’s daughter, had been helping us, but she’s been hired by another local church as their part-time youth director. [Reminds me of when Aldersgate tried to get me to take the job back in the day … except Joy’s 19, and I was 21 … but I digress.] The other counselors have, apparently, fled like rats from a ship. I’m sure they have their own things going, but … it doesn’t leave those left holding the bag feel very happy.

Of course, it’s not as bad for me as it is for Darin, our youth director. But I wanted to shoot a couple kids last night, when they wouldn’t read the “Please go home, we’re dead tired” vibes Darin and I were sending. As such, I didn’t pull out of the church parking lot until after 10:45; when I got home, Anthony needed to vent about work [which is cool; I never mind being someone’s ear], so it was well after midnight by the time I wandered into my room.

Where, of course, I proceeded to have the worst night of “sleep” I’ve had in some time. I was late to work this morning in a failed attempt to try to get some sleep back, but it was storming this morning [and probably most of the night, which explains my sleep issues as well …], and at 1:00 p.m., I realized that I was done. The important stuff out the door, I just wrote a note saying that I was feeling ill [which, truthfully, I was], grabbed my keys, drove home, and came in and took some melatonin.

Which should, of course, have knocked me way the heck out.

But it didn’t.

I’m usually out of it 45 minutes after taking 3mg of melatonin, no matter how wound up I am … today, it was more like 90 minutes, and when I did sleep, it was only for an hour. Of course, I was able to go back to sleep much more easily than normal.

Ahhhhh, anyhow. Enough rambling. I need to toss some clothes on and run back to church. See, my pathetic little issues don’t change the fact that I’m needed down there right now.