Blame It on the Moo Shu!

For some reason, I, a Graves College alumni [2006, art], was back for Homecoming in 2008. When I got there, several of my old engineer friends, also Graves alumni, were with me there in Tecumseh, ON, to attend Homecoming. We were seated in, of all places, the dairy aisle in the campus commissary. I remember this because I went to look at some of the craptastic faux juice products you see in such an aisle, and I noticed that the name being used to market these products was … Adam Carolla?!

Fast forward a few minutes–after glad-handing my fellow alumni, we were flash-seated in an auditorium. A band started off the concert, and then the house sound system started playing The Normals’ Coming to Life for change music. However, the sound techs were absolutely horrid, as the next act, an early teenaged girl [probably a Graves prodigy, since we, um, have those?], was being drowned out. I shouted from my seat, “KILL THE HOUSE MUSIC AND TURN UP THE STAGE!” When that didn’t work, I made my way to the stage. As I got there, it dawned on me …

… this was my wakeup alarm music, and it was just about time for the alarm to g–BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

Why was I an art major? I have no clue. Why Graves College? I remember seeing it, in all places, on Google. [The college doesn’t exist, although Graves is the name of the College of Engineering at Auburn … yeah, like I’d go to Auburn after having gone to UAH.] Strange; there is a Guelph College in Tecumseh; in fact, it boasts of being Canada’s top comprehensive university. I remember our mascot being the Muskrat; however, Guelph’s is the Gryphon.

I blame this all on the moo shu chicken I had for dinner last night. 😀

2 thoughts on “Blame It on the Moo Shu!”

  1. This reminds me of a dream I once had where for some reason I knew all the words to “American Pie,” even though I didn’t. Turns out I was hearing the whole thing on my clock radio at the time.

    I like the Adam Carolla bit – that sounds like something my own subconscious would formulate…

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