Take a Photograph

I’m so tired, I said what I came to say
I don’t want to go again,
but just lay here and dream the world away
You can have all that I offered,
but I’m keeping what I must
and it’s not that I don’t love you
No, it’s time I do not trust.

It’s funny how lyrics can end up taking on different meanings when you hit them at odd times in life. Sitting here staring at my CRT past 6:00 p.m., I hear Andrew Osenga‘s voice begin, “I’m so tired …” in a way that fits how I feel right now … at the end of a long work day where I was here before 8:00 a.m., and where lunch was a 2:20 p.m. afterthought—or would have been if my stomach hadn’t demanded sustenance.

So take a photograph,
caust this ain’t going to last,
and I will make the best I can,
but God, I’m praying it’s about to end.

So what if this is the mutable-words chorus of the song … should we not take photos during the bad times? All the photo albums that we see are of smiling faces, full of hope. No one [save news magazines and artists] take photos of the downtrodden. It’s a thought.

Tomorrow will be wonderful,
and it’s sweet promise is in sight,
but right now I don’t want to hear it,
cause I’m still down here tonight.

I know that tomorrow will be better than today, merely because of the groundwork that I’ve laid today. Our tomorrows build on our yesterdays, especially when we’re building new organizations with new [and old] knowledgebases. Right now, though, I’m frustrated and tired.

So take a photograph,
if your’e wanting this to last,
cause you can try the best you can,
but God knows, it’s about to end.

Even the good stuff ends—and that’s why we should take those happy photographs, those glorious spots of glee captured by little bits of glass.

Sleep it comes so easy
and faith it fights so hard,
so come to me please, Jesus,
before I waste another night, my Lord,

Why am I still here? Why am I not in seminary? Why, after an urge to be Somewhere Else, am I now hearing a still, small voice saying, “Stay here a while”? What the?! Come on, God!

and take that photograph,
and throw it in the trash,
cause I have tried the best I can
and thank God that’s about to end.

and I don’t know where I’m going,
but I know that you’ll be there.

I’ll be real honest: don’t know where this job leads me, but it has me here, and so does God.

I don’t know where I’m going, but I know that He’ll be there.


Lyrics courtesy of Andrew Osenga’s “Photograph” from Photographs, ©2002 Andrew Osenga wrote these songs. I guess I could have Andy read this and tell me what he thinks. This isn’t a review at all, but it is a reflection. The theme of taking a photograph as a snapshot in time is a wonderful one—it’s one that Andy did himself with Souvenirs and Postcards, which certainly sounds like a sonic tribute to his Fall, 2003.

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