More Moveable Type Rumblings … and a Prediction

I want to follow up on what Alex has already written about the fallout surrounding Moveable Type’s license change and its possible implications for WordPress.

If there is no individually-priced software package like MT in the marketplace, people will seek something else. Some will go to WP; others, seeking a system that still generates static pages, are going to look for something else. Will they be going towards Greymatter? GM is still under development, if you can believe it.

I know that there are some other Perl-based solutions out there; I figure that any static-page-generating logware is going to be done in Perl because of the large base of developers who know Perl. Perhaps Python would be cooler, but then hey … Perl has a larger userbase. I really shudder to make an OS comparison with this, but Perl’s larger userbase means that it’ll dominate as Windows dominates Mac and *nix–but not to that degree, because the relative sizes aren’t as disproportionate.

All I know is this: it’ll be fun to watch, but I’m betting that people go to WP on about an 80-20 basis.

I’ll still be using WP, though.