My Vote Just Got Made

Kerry Campaign Representative Continually Spreading Rumors About Shuttle Slowdown and Retirement.

Some might think that it’s silly for it to come down to this before me, but I find both options pretty distasteful. However, I will vote when there’s a direct threat to my pocketbook, and this would be it.

9 thoughts on “My Vote Just Got Made”

  1. Until 2001, that chick was Associate Administrator for Policy and Plans at NASA. The author worked at NASA between 1990 and 1993 and now runs a couple of websites. I wish he’d offered more proof that she’s lying than just his word.

  2. C’mon, Sarah. You want to criticize Cowing? Fine. But you need to look at how often he’s dead on the money.

    Trust me, I also work as an integrator, and I know that she’s not telling the truth. We know what the plans are.

  3. When the guy talks about “obligations” that our government and Bush have to programs, I would like to mention just one thing: Kyoto Protocol. He backed out of that, so what makes you think he wouldn’t back out of other obligations?

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