Greg Knauss on the Political Divide

Waxy has published an entry by Greg Knauss on the political divide in the United States of America.

Our culture has been swept along in a tide of emotionally-resonant, steadfastly anti-rational entertainment, and politics is at the head of the wave. The course of our country, the future of our people, is being determined by lizard-brain responses to images designed to trigger sub-rational responses.

I, as a Bush voter, have been called a “fucking idiot” more than once or twice today by proxy by angry Bush-hating Webloggers. I’ve been painted with a broad brush. I don’t like that. I had my reasons in voting for his re-election—you might not like them, but I think that you have to admit that I did at least think about it. You can’t say that for the preponderance of voters who voted in this election: it was either BUSH GOOD!!! or BUSH SUX0R5!1!!11!. The old saw about 40% voting for one party and 40% for another and the pols fighting for the 20% that actually think about it a little still holds true … but damn, the reactionaries on both sides are quite distasteful.

We’ve gotta raise the bar here, people. That’s only going to happen in the 20%. If you’re really, really pissed off at how yesterday went—and also if you’re disgustingly happy with how it went—you need to sit down and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Update: I want to link to Jason Kotte’s thoughts on this same subject. I realized this morning that I’d excised a good point from Knauss but should have quoted other bits. If you didn’t go read what he had to say, you really should.

“Half the country is not stupid. We’re all stupid.” –Jason Kottke