My Present Comment Spam Toolkit

Well, the battle testing went okay, but I ended up wanting to add back my other methods for battling comment spam in addition to SpamKarma. The cornucopia of methods I was using before was a bit better at controlling TrackBack spam, and I don’t want to block TrackBacks altogether as John has done. [As I commented, you don’t have to do what John did to block TB and PB pings.]

So, my present comment spam-fighting arsenal is this:

  1. John Sinteur’s Open Proxy Checker, which checks SURBL and DSBL.
  2. Kitten’s Spam Words, which does a really good job of updating your defenses as you clean up comment spam attacks.
  3. Spam Karma
  4. Dougal’s TarPit, which is designed to shunt IPs that have already spammed you into a tar pit that slows them down for N seconds before disallowing their request.
  5. Good old fashioned vigilance.

I really wish that Spam Karma and Spam Words talked to each other; you can set an option in SK to say, “Hey, take a look at the stuff in the Options–>Discussion moderation keys queue, too, while you’re processing incoming comments,” but that’s not quite the level of integration that I’d like. Of course, I’m also too lazy to see if I could hack the two plugins to make them talk to each other. As it is now, when I delete a bunch of stuff with SW, before I commit changes to the mod_keys queue, I push those IPs into my SK banlist. It helps, I think.

Now I need to spend time this weekend synching up everything. :sigh: