UAH Fight Song

The words to the fight song of The University of Alabama in Huntsville are as follows:

We are the Chargers who wear Blue and White
We have the courage and the strength to fight
Shout the battle cry—U! A! H!
Have pride in your Blue and White!

This is sung twice through. If you are not ready when the UAH Pep Band begins playing it, well, suck it up and join in on the next line. Then, when the second verse starts, GET LOUDER.


[P.S. Many thanks, Randy. You listened well.]

[P.P.S. This will make so much more sense when The Exponent‘s online arm gets their crap in one bag and publishes this week’s paper, which includes Randy’s letter…]

[P.P.P.S. I should bring my voice recorder to a hockey game and sit there with George and sing the fight song, then put the audio up here.]