“So, When Are We Going to See You Around Again?”

“Well … with the move and all, I’m thinking about looking around in Madison to see what’s there. That’s an awful long haul.”

“I can understand that. You know who’s good out there? Asbury.”

“Yeah, and I’m right by there.”

“Yeah, you really are.”

“The thing is, Darin, that there’s no one my age at Aldersgate.”

[pause] “Yeah, there’s not.”

“It’s making it hard, man. There’s youth, and then … BAM! People your age.” Darin’s 37.

“Hey, man, I understand. I’m with you either way.”

The friendship that I have with Darin is one of the biggest things I’ll miss when I move on. He called me to have me teach Sunday school this Sunday, and … that was a really hard phone call for me. It was easy while it was happening, but after I hung up …