Eight Days of Awesome

I have some fun things coming up…

  • Sat 17 Sep: Off to Chattanooga with Rick [and hopefully Jessica ;)] to go see Derek, Sandra, and Cason play at Covenant College. Hanging with my people is awesome. It’s Sarah H.‘s, concert, and it’ll be good to see her again.
  • Fri 23 Sep: Off to the DC area to go see Caedmon’s play in Maryland. I’m hoping to get to hang out with Chrissy during the day before the show; haven’t seen her since before she went to Ireland, and I want to hear all her stories. Bryan and Erica and Joe and Rhonda will be at the show for sure, and I’m really hopeful that Christiana, Mark, and Karyn will be there. My heart may not be able to take the awesomeness.
  • Sat 24 Sep: Shake off the awesomeness hangover, drive back to IAD, hope a plane to GSO, and hopefully drive down to Charlotte real fast, kidnap Brandon and Sarah, then bring them to the Greensboro area for Mike’s birthday party. I’m ready to see him and Kari, Brian and Sarah, and hopefully Charles, Jason, and Susan. I don’t know that I’ll be able to take two days in a row like this!

Also, looks like I’ll be headed back to KSC for more of the same in October.