Well, today I joined Madison UMC. I was disappointed that we didn’t pull out the hymnal and do the full liturgy for membership, because I think that it’s quite important for the entire congregation to hear the pledge that each member of a United Methodist congregation must make when they join a church. It’s not a pledge to the UMC uber alles, but it’s a pledge taken to promise to follow God’s commandments and give Him what He so richly deserves.

Now, do we fail? Oh, yes. I failed my old congregation in any number of ways. I will fail Madison UMC, too—hopefully not in the same ways, though. [That implies that I haven’t grown any. I’d rather grow and find more of my own failings so that I may repent and conform more fully to Christ through that repentance—not so that I may be made a better person, but so that I may play a small part in the being made right of all things, which is all we are asked to do once justified through grace.]

Praise to our Father who sent His Son to love perfectly and take away our sins so that we may be reconciled.