It’s Mini Time

Behold … the first post written on this Weblog from my new Mac mini. I rather suspect that it won’t be the last.

It’s really, really disconcerting to me how quiet this thing is; I’m quite used to how loud my old desktop was. I’m now thinking about how I can stick it in a closet somewhere to muffle the noise. Crazy, I know, but … there you go.

Anyhow, back to Software Update…

OI! Now I know how bad looks in Safari. :wince:

6 thoughts on “It’s Mini Time”

  1. Well, for one, I bought a refurbished model, so I got a 1.42GHz/512MB/80GB machine for under $450. Also, I don’t need a high-horsepower Mac—I just wanted a barebones machine that would run OS X, interact with my miniDV camcorder, do some light DVD work, and run Delicious Library. That’s what I got.

    If I get a higher-horsepower Mac desktop—a strong possibility in 18-24 months—I’ll move this downstairs and embed it into the bar, mounting an LCD on the wall next to the wet bar and putting a wireless keyboard and mouse with it. All the convenience of a laptop without the expense and wear-and-tear.

    The mini was perfect for me, a switcher who doesn’t want to jump in with both feet. [I don’t see TBE going back to being a Mac house anytime soon.]

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