February 2006: File My 2005 Tax Return

A RESOLUTION to File My 2005 Income Taxes by February 28, 2006

WHEREAS I am a last-minute income tax filer, often filing on 15 Apr, and

WHEREAS I bought a house in 2005, which will supply me with more tax deductions than I have previously had, and

WHEREAS I feel fairly confident that I can manage filing my 2005 taxes on my own, provided I actually start on time, and

WHEREAS my employer routinely waits until 31 Jan to send out their W-2 forms,

THEREFORE, Let it be hereby resolved by the Board of Directors of GFMorris.com that:

  1. I will attempt to file my 2005 Federal income taxes by 20 Feb 2006.
  2. If my attempt to file on my own is unsuccessful, I will seek a capable tax preparer by 28 Feb 2006 and turn over my documents to them.

THEREFORE Let it be further resolved that a report on the success of this effort be made no later than 2 Mar 2006.

RESOLVED on this, the third day of January, 2006, by the Board of Directors of GFMorris.com, Geof F. Morris, Resident Goofball, presiding.