March 2006: Launch

A RESOLUTION to Launch by 31 March 2006

WHEREAS Sandra McCracken‘s music absolutely, utterly rocks my socks off, and

WHEREAS few people have ever heard of Sandra McCracken, much less have heard her music, and

WHEREAS my experience with [] and [] has given me the courage to strike out in this direction, and

WHEREAS I have a cadre of folks willing to help me with the necessary work in putting together a wonderful information storehouse about Sandra McCracken’s music, thereby fomenting the development of a community of rabid Sandra McCracken fans, and

WHEREAS I love Sandra to pieces and really want to bring her music to a larger audience,

THEREFORE Let it be hereby resolved by the Board of Directors of that:

  1. I will launch the Song Vault, News and Reviews Log, and Links pieces of no later than 31 Mar 2006.
  2. I will hound Sandra endlessly to let me interview her and have her share her thoughts on music and life in audio form for

THEREFORE Let it be further resolved that a report on the success of this effort be made no later than 2 Apr 2006.

RESOLVED on this, the fourth day of January, 2006, by the Board of Directors of, Geof F. Morris, Resident Crankcase, presiding.