July 2006: Take a Vacation

A RESOLUTION to Take a Vacation in July 2006

WHEREAS I have worked for Teledyne Brown Engineering since August of 1999, and

WHEREAS I have, in six-plus years at TBE, only had two weeks where I charged no time to a contract, and

WHEREAS both of those weeks were spent on mission trips for youth, so they really weren’t vacations in the traditional sense, and

WHEREAS I’m unlikely to take a full week off of work unless I tell everyone that I’m going to do it and get the plan in way in advance, and

WHEREAS I really have no idea where I’d go on a vacation at present,

THEREFORE Let it be hereby resolved by the Board of Directors of GFMorris.com that:

  1. I’m going to take a vacation in July 2006, come hell or high water.
  2. A plan for taking said vacation—what to do, where to go, how to get there—will be devised by 30 Apr 30062006.

THEREFORE Let it be further resolved that a report on the success of this effort be made no later than 2 Aug 2006.

RESOLVED on this, the eighth day of January, 2006, by the Board of Directors of GFMorris.com, Geof F. Morris, Resident Workaholic, presiding.