August 2006: Finish Building Bar Extension

A Resolution to Build the Bar Cabinet Extension I’ve Been Dreaming of by 31 Aug 2006

WHEREAS I will have liberated my nice piece of butcher block from its pedestrian service as a computer desk by the end of April 2006, and

WHEREAS I have a nice wet bar in the nook under my stairs and the master bathroom, but that counterspace is wholly inappropriate to actually, you know, serving drinks, and

WHEREAS I have no desire to have a traditional dining room arrangement while I am still an unbridled bachelor, and

WHEREAS putting that slab of maple butcher block at bar height, building a cabinet underneath it, and finishing it out as a traditional bar would be great fun, and

WHEREAS I’ll have honed my woodworking skills by building the shelves in May,

THEREFORE Let it be hereby resolved by the Board of Directors of that:

  1. An estimate of the weight of the butcher block slab be made no later than 15 May 2006. “Damn heavy” is not an acceptable estimate, although it’s probably the one that Jon and Rick want to give it when they think about moving that damn thing.
  2. A sketch and materials list of the cabinet box be developed by 31 May 2006.
  3. Manufacturing of the cabinet be completed by 15 Aug 2006.
  4. Finishing of the cabinet be completed by 22 Aug 2006.
  5. Deployment of the cabinet be completed by 31 Aug 2006.

THEREFORE Let it be further resolved that a report on the success of this effort, including photos of the debauchery that this implement inspires, be made no later than 2 Sep 2006.

RESOLVED on this, the ninth day of January, 2006, by the Board of Directors of, Geof F. Morris, Resident Norm Abram Disciple, presiding.