October 2006: Plan to Buy a Car

A RESOLUTION to Develop a Plan to Buy a Car by 31 Oct 2006

WHEREAS I nearly totaled my beloved 1995 Nissan pickup truck three-and-a-half years ago, at which point I drained nearly all of the resale value out of the vehicle, and

WHEREAS I’ve told myself each of the last two years that “when October comes around, I’ll think about buying a new car,” but never have, and

WHEREAS I really probably would have done it in 2005 if not for that whole house-buying thing, and

WHEREAS I’m doing enough capital improvements around the house this year that I don’t expect that I’ll suddenly have the sizeable down payment I’d want to drop on a car just materialize out of thin air, and

WHEREAS I really don’t have any idea what I want in a vehicle right now, and

WHEREAS Darlene is still running in good shape and is still under 200,000 miles driven, which concerns only my parents, really,

THEREFORE Let it be hereby resolved by the Board of Directors of GFMorris.com that:

  1. A plan be devised for saving up the down payment I want on a vehicle by 30 Jun 2006.
  2. A plan be devised for timing the purchase of a new vehicle by 31 Oct 2006.

THEREFORE Let it be further resolved that a report on the success of this effort be made no later than 2 Nov 2006.

RESOLVED on this, the eleventh day of January, 2006, by the Board of Directors of GFMorris.com, Geof F. Morris, Resident Truck Drivin’ Man, presiding.