On Favors

Last week, a Googler found one of my del.icio.us linkdumps and saw that I’d downloaded a particular Wilco show. He asked if I’d be able to provide him a copy of the bootleg. Now, normally I’d turn aside such a request out of hand—honestly, I spent the resources on BitTorrent grabbing the boot, and you can do the same. But it’s Wilco, and I’ll share Wilco love anytime I can.

Unfortunately for this individual, whom I’ll call J, I was in Detroit. I was clearly in no position to do anything about it right then, because, well, I was in Michigan and my bootleg client was in Alabama. I explained the situation to J and urged him to persist and see if he could get an account on DIME. He replied back the next day that he’d been unable to do so. [In all fairness, I should have started to get suspicious here—others have told me that persistence pays off here.] Fair enough, I told him—I’d work on it when I got back.

Well, I think you just have to see from the dearth of posting here this week that, well, I’ve been busy and/or tired since I got back. It just hasn’t happened. Turns out that J was on a bit of a deadline—he had to get these bootlegs to a friend coming back [or maybe leaving?] for Spring Break on Friday. Fine. Tonight, I offered to upload the bootlegs via FTP to my server here, where he could grab them via FTP and do the transcoding on his own. Honestly, there was no way my bootlegs, even if I made them tonight or before I left for work in the morning, were going to get to Chicago by tomorrow, right?

J’s reply: “i don’t know what u r suggesting”

Mental reply: “I’m suggesting that I hand you the work and let you do the heavy lifting yourself. I’d just be sacrificing the bandwidth, but … fuck it, I pay for it.” Instead, I told him that it just wasn’t going to happen, and that I was sorry that I hadn’t been able to come through for him. No harm, right? Dude asked a random Internet person for help.

J’s reply: “r u kidding me u dont have time to burn 2 cds?”

My reply, verbatim, which I handed to Misty before I sent it:

Look. I am not a college student with a ton of time. I’m a professional engineer working 40+ hours a week. I just got off travel Monday where I was gone from my job for three days. I was travel-lagged. I have lots of hobbies that, honestly, came ahead of your request.

You asked me to do this while I was gone. Had I been home, I could have done this easily, no problem. But given that it’s already Thursday night and you needed these, well, tomorrow, the chances of me getting a CD-R burned and to you tomorrow are, well, nil.

When you’re the one asking me for a favor, you have no right to dictate how I spend my time.

Please do not waste your time sending further emails to me; your attitude has earned you a place in my server’s killfile. Any incoming email from you will be deleted immediately.

Thanks, and have a nice day somewhere else.


Oh, and J, if you come on to here under the guise of defending yourself:

  1. I will confirm to everyone that it’s you.
  2. You won’t find sympathetic ears here.

Fuck you, and good night. [Why yes, my week has sucked eggs. And yours?]

[Oh, at least my crown is finally done. Yay for that.]

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