Rescue Me Season Three Starts 30 May 2006

Janell left a comment letting me know that she’d spotted a start date of Season Three of Rescue Me of 30 May 2006. I have confirmed it, thanks to, of all sources, the Salt Lake City Weekly:

Denis Leary’s effdup firefighters series Rescue Me, the best drama on television according to True TV, returns for Season 3 on FX May 30; the Season 2 DVD comes out May 9 for you tube-phobes who watch only discs so you can trick yourself into thinking you’re watching a film. When it comes to adult shows made for adults, not prissy parental-watchdog groups (yeah, alert the Parents Television Council), Rescue Me can’t be beat.

I concur. In honor of the release of the DVD, I have a surprise that I’ll announce here at a later date. 🙂

Thanks again, Janell!