Mississippi Methodist Youth Minister Jailed for Sexual Misconduct

Well, it appears that justice has been done: Paul Valentine was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual misconduct with one of the members of his youth group. [See also the story from The Mississippi Press about Valentine’s sentencing.]

I have written about Paul before, and I’ve been reluctant to bring it up too much because little good can truly come of it. Reading about it is understandably disheartening, no matter your involvement with the case.

If there is anything to be gained here—and I’m struggling to look for positives here—it might be that Paul’s long prison sentence will keep him from ever committing such crimes again and may also provide ministry opportunities for him to share the Gospel. I firmly believe that God forgives many things that we could never find it within ourselves to forgive, and it is my hope that Paul can share the Gospel of forgiveness in prison as he continues to work on the Gospel of sanctification.