Once, Bitten; Twice, Very Pissed Off

BellSouth just lost me as a customer.

I got DSL through BellSouth back in January; twice in that time, their billing department has screwed the pooch and disconnected me for no good reason. Seriously: none. This second time, despite multilple calls and assurances, I was never able to see my billing information online, and I was only getting electronic bills, so … no way to get any warnings from them at all.

Once was fine: I was willing to deal with it. I hadn’t gotten around to canceling the cable modem [because I was using it for BitTorrent ;)], and around that time, my roommate moved in, and it was just easier to segregate our Internet connections [him: cable; me: DSL] because of what we were doing with them. But now … ugh. I can’t even call in to figure out WTF is wrong, because their billing department shut down 10 minutes before I even got home. Yes, it’ll be open tomorrow, but the only call I’m making to them is to tell them to kiss my lily white ass.

Interestingly enough, Knology has concurrently rolled out a higher level of cable modem service in my area—better even than the DSL performance. Yeah, I think I’ll upgrade…

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