Video of STS-121 Solid Rocket Booster Separation

NASA has published video (4.5MB, QuickTime) of the right-side Solid Rocket Booster separating during the launch of STS-121. The camera is one mounted to the SRB; given the quality of the imagery, I’m betting that this is video captured and recovered from the SRB rather than telemetered down to Mission Control (as the External Tank-mounted cameras are; the ET burns up after being jettisoned).

This kind of stuff is great for three reasons:

  1. It’ll catch the public (and the blogosphere’s) eye.
  2. This imagery helps watch for foam shedding and foam strikes. You’ll note that you see a lot of the right side of the Discovery Orbiter here. This imagery has understandable value.
  3. We’re going to need this imagery on CLV ARES.

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