I Ain’t Never Had Too Much Fun

Sounds like Sellers and Fossum had fun on orbit today.

When a cover for the pump module enveloped Fossum’s head, he said, “I just threw a sheet over my head.”

Pump Module in FSE on FRAM with MLI Man. All that work we did back at KSC last August, and the blanket still gets loose. 😉 Okay, so what we went down there to do was to strengthen the fabric hand-holds on the blanket. In fact, our joke this morning was, “If you see the guys doing gymnastics while they’re moving around the Pump Module … they darn well better be able to for as stiff as those handholds are.” Turns out that what we thought would be simply handling aids—this blanket is like a big tent, and folding a big tent is hard when you don’t have gravity—ended up being something that the crew thought they could translate around with during training. So I spent a week in late August at the Cape with some techs, fixing this blanket, because for all we knew, we were flying in September. Turns out we didn’t fly again until, well, last week.

It’s fun to see the carriers we built getting some use.