One Pair of Underwear?

This story about what major league baseball players pack in their suitcase has to be one of the stranger things I’ve read in a major media outlet.

Shawn Green brings his own soap on every road trip. Mike Cameron never forgets his lavender linen spray and orange-scented spray for the room. Ichiro Suzuki depends on an electric massager that takes up nearly half his suitcase.

And then there’s Detroit closer Todd Jones, who wears only one pair of underwear when the Tigers leave town.

“I don’t pack any underwear,” he said. “I wear it into the park, it gets washed every day and I wear it out of the park. I guess that’s weird. I’m not proud of it, but I’m cutting down on space.”

If Jones was proud of it, I bet he’s not now!

2 thoughts on “One Pair of Underwear?”

  1. With what he’s making ($5,809,159 in 2006), he could just go ahead and buy new underwear every day. Have it delivered directly to the ballpark and/or the hotel.

    The fact that it gets washed everyday cuts back on the eww factor, but those have to be getting pretty bad at the end up a 30-something game roadtrip.

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