Dethroner on Resolutions

As someone who believes in making resolutions [and follows through on them horribly, heh], I’ll definitely be following this week’s Dethroner theme on resolutions.

As for my resolutions this year, I’m going to take a different tack: monthly goals. I found that, as the year progressed, my view of the goals I’d set at the beginning of 2006 grew dimmer. Also, I find myself a strong believer in repentance and staring anew, and a more regular focus is what I seek. I’ve always been great at short-term goals due to my procrastinative nature: the thrill of the deadline provides all the adrenaline that I need to succeed. I’ve also generally done well with long-term goals, which I pursue blindly and seem to just … sort of achieve. [I think I’d title my memoirs to date How I Became an Aerospace Engineer Without Really Trying.] But the medium-term stuff—the stuff that I’ve long held is the glue that really builds upon the short-term stuff and makes the long-term stuff happen a lot faster—is something I’ve generally sucked at in my life.

Anyhow. Go check out the Dethroner stuff. Joel Johnson’s Dethroner is one of the best new Weblogs of 2006, and his 2007 stuff promises to kick even more ass.