Otherwise Occupied

Things are generally busy around here, but last night, I got a call no one ever wants to get; my sister-in-law Cindy suffered a seizure, and Doug was calling me from the ambulance on the way to the hospital. As of now, she’s still in the ICU, albeit slowly improving; at mid-afternoon, she knew roughly why she was in there, but was still pretty groggy.

As you can imagine, it’s been pretty stressful. If y’all know my brother and anything about his regular work, you know that he normally goes in to the office by 0330 to do prep for the pre-Today show at his local NBC affiliate. The timing of this could hardly have been worse, as Doug normally would have been winding down to head towards bed in another hour or so.

I’ll echo his thoughts: I’d appreciate thoughts and prayers sent his and Cindy’s way.