How do you consume mailing lists?

Now that I’ve been nominated to be an AutoEditor at MusicBrainz, I’ve been thinking about dipping my toe into their mailing lists. [Okay, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back; some of the discussions I had on edits last week with some of the other editors drove me there, and then getting nominated said to me, “Hey, maybe you should take this even more seriously.] But I deal with mailing lists only at my peril, because … well, because I know that they can consume my attention. I really only have time to deal with mailing lists during off-peak hours, so routing any mailing list through my main account seems to be a terrible, terrible idea.

What I’ve been thinking is setting up a second account for mailing lists, and I really don’t care where I do it—here on my box, at Fastmail, on GMail, or whatever. What I am looking for, however, are recommendations for toolsets to manage mailing lists. Do you have a special app that you like to use to help you handle threading, etc.? Do you use GMail and let its conversational tactics handle the overhead for you? I’m quite sure that a couple readers here are mailing list users, so I want to hear from you.

[This is where I take a short moment to sigh and remember that, for several years, I ran an announce-only mailing list for a sports ezine that I did. We were Deadspin but less funny and talented. I miss those days, but not the fruitlessness of devoting so much energy to something that ultimately meant little.]