Who’s the LOL$-obsessed one in this friendship? Hmmmmmm?

So, I’m good friends with the LOLTrek guy. [In fact, I’m already having happy thoughts about having beer with Stephen after work tomorrow.] I’ve watched him degrade into this LOL$-obsessed guy over the past few months, though, and I’ve joked a couple times about staging an intervention. [What I want to know is this: why have we not seen LOL-Zombies yet? Really.]

All that said … when SOG tweeted, “um, ING, where’d my external accounts go? you’re not much good if i can’t get money to or out of you,” my first instinct was to grab a large image of the ING lion and break out the Impact, and the lion say, “I made you a pile of money … but I eated it.”

I think it’s time to go to bed.