It’s About the Interactions

So come around 10:30 this morning, I was a little annoyed: I’d killed all of yesterday, with all of its bad travel [ask anyone who follows me on Twitter, they were tired of my tweeting about travel], and traveled here for a two-hour meeting where I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know about this design last month when I was in town. My first instinct was to see if I could get out of town and back home, but there were no flights that were not ridiculously expensive. And hey, taxpayers, I’ve already spent enough of our money making this trip, so it made no sense to spend a lot more money coming home.

So instead, I decided to take lemons and make lemonade. I proceeded to have a terribly productive afternoon purely by being a short walk down the hallway from all the people I interact with here in Houston, rather than playing phone tag with them. Not in their cube? No worries, I’ll go touch base with someone else and come back later. I touched base with about a dozen folks on five different projects.

All in all, it ended up being a good day, especially for the big hardware delivery we shipped the first half of two weeks ago and will ship the second half of tomorrow.

And no, it wasn’t cool just because there was NASA TV on the TV in conference room with a crew in orbit and docked to ISS, moving around the hardware we spend a couple thousand hours a year each worrying about, but that helped.