Space Flight Awareness Honoree

There is no way to post this without tooting my own horn, so … blow, baby, blow. I’m a Space Flight Awareness Honoree.

[Yes, my reaction to this was, “You’ve gotta be kidding me. I’m just management! I don’t do anything!”]

I’ll be down at KSC first week in December for 1E. I’m allowed to take a guest with me; obviously, I asked Doug right away, but he’s not sure that he can go. Anyone interested? Preference given to people I know, especially single females. 😉

Update, 14 Nov: I have someone to go with me, and because folks have asked and I found out yesterday, there were 275 Honorees in this cycle. [And no, I did not get a Silver Snoopy. Those come from the crew, and I don’t do the kind of work that would ever merit getting one. I work with plenty of people who have them, though.] Now Mom can honestly tell people that her baby boy is one in a million, seeing that we passed 275 million folks in this country quite some time ago. 😉