One of my photos from Derek’s show at the Exit/In back in May is now a part of Schmap’s guide to the venue. Why? Well, all my photos are Creative Commons-licensed as Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike.

That said, I’ve had no problems with photos being used in quasi-commercial work; not only has Bryan used photos of mine in layouts for [] and [], but Andrew used one of my photos for the link to the [] forum that he has on his sidebar. And if someone wanted to use one of my works commercially, well, I’d do it for a fee. 🙂

I feel like I’m starting to find my way with my photography, although concert photography is really still the only thing that really cranks my tractor. Last night, I dumped the photos off of my camera from last Saturday night’s DW show, and I was really happy with what I was seeing come out from the thumbnail view, which I hardly ever am. I guess Understanding Exposure took a little for me.