A Lump of Coal for Me

Got all the shopping done last night. Got most of the laundry done last night. Was finishing it this morning, when, about 1100 … WHAM. Felt like I’d been run over by a train. Putting my shoes on to drive over to the bank was an ordeal. Waiting in line at the bank, I couldn’t hold my head up—too shaky and weak.

Got home, and the fever kicks in.

Yeeeeep, I’m afraid I might have the flu. Slept the afternoon away, and all I do right now is hurt. The fever has subsided some, but … meh.

Hopefully I’ll feel fine in the morning and can pack up and go see family like I intended to do today. Otherwise, well, I’m gonna just be very pissed off at having the flu for Christmas.

C’mon, Santa! Even work said that I’ve been good this year. What’s the deal?