Initial Setup of TiVo HD

Now, I’ve had a crazy first half of January. [No, we’re not going to talk about that. To quote Todd, “Your site has just turned into a daily dump of links!” And he’s right, but the stuff I want to write about? It’s not getting written about publicly. Most of that is work, but not all of it. I will leave it there and go on with this.] So despite having had my equipment since 2 Jan, I finally got it installed tonight.

Well, I’m only partially there. I’ve got to:

  1. Get Multi-Room Viewing going on the new box and get it to recognize the other two TiVos.
  2. Relocate my old TV and the TiVo that used to be upstairs to the downstairs.
  3. Transfer all the old SD content onto the new HD.
  4. Figure out what all Season Passes I need to get moved to the new box, and then shut them off of my old ones.

I’m going to push to do as much of this as I can tonight, but I’ve been doing the 0700 thing this week, and I’ve gotten maybe nine hours’ sleep the last two nights combined. [Has it been crazy? Yes. Has it been tough? Yes. Has it been trying? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Am I going to stay vague? Bet your fucking ass.] I’m winding down…