I think they call this “fair and balanced” in some circles.

Stephen has taken to calling John McCain “your candidate”, to which I object. Yeah, I voted for him in the primary, but I said then:

But John, just because you’ll get my vote today doesn’t mean you’ll get it in nine months.

In that same entry, I listed three topics that would likely shape my vote:

  1. Technology funding
  2. Fiscal policy, especially towards health care
  3. Foreign policy

Well, McCain’s health policy is a non-starter with me at this point, for pretty much all the criticisms of it in that NPR story. And McCain’s push to holding the line on discretionary spending sounds nice and all, but good luck getting any Congress to hold up to their end of the bargain. And suspending the Federal gas tax is … terribly short-sighted populism. Egad.

[I don’t have a huge issue with McCain’s foreign policy, because I think that pulling out of Iraq would be more destabilizing than pulling out of Vietnam, and I think the “100 years” business is a bit blown out of proportion when we still have troops in Europe and patrolling the DMZ in Korea. The bit I most enjoyed, in a cold and calculating way, in the last couple weeks was [i]Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil[/i] running a clip of Dick Cheney in 1994 talking about how invading Iraq and removing Saddam would be a quagmire. Thanks, guys. Seriously.]

The Obama take on manned spaceflight funding still concerns me, but I probably overstated my point in that post. If I was closer to the two being even in my mind, this would sway me more away from Obama than it does.

I’m slightly leaning Obama, but it’s still just mid-April.

[Will someone go check and make sure that Dad didn’t have a heart attack? Thanks.]