Rescue Me Minisodes This Summer

In case you haven’t heard, there won’t be a fifth season of Rescue Me this summer—that’ll have to wait for next summer, although we’ll be getting 22 episodes then, which is pretty great. [Why we’re not getting in the fall is beyond me, other than as part of an FX strategy to air the show in the summer when most other shows are in re-runs. Personally, I don’t want to wait until 2009 for more Rescue Me.]

That said, we’ll see five-minute mini-episodes of the show starting in June. The eps are to air at 10pm EDT on Tuesday nights. Can I just hope that one is a hockey fight between Cam “Mungo” Neely and Denis? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

FX hopes that this project will keep the show on viewers’ minds during the unusually long hiatus. Denis Leary and executive producer Peter Tolan are co-writing the minisodes’ content, which was described as “comedic hijinks” by FX.

Hmmm … I wonder if the writers for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia might get involved. They write some zany sketches … but hey, Denis’s comedy routines are funny.