NADD at its Finest

I just realized how fully involved my NADD is:

  1. Nationals @ Reds on my XM radio.
  2. Wimbledon on my TV, since Chip let me know that Wimbledon is into its fifth set.
  3. All the stuff going on with the new iMac [named Discovery, FTR]. You know, my standard set of programs and all that.
  4. My work laptop humming along, adding music with Exact Audio Copy.

Yeah, I have three large screens to look at—the smallest being the 17″ widescreen LCD on my work laptop, which I have taken to referring to as “a battleship” and my back has taken to referring to as “that thing I’m glad that he only makes me lug home two or three times a week”. I’m happy as a pig in slop.