I should try to do this week-away vacation thing more than once a year, given that I get three weeks’ vacation now. [I take a day or two here and there, sometimes to go to shows, sometimes to go to concerts, sometimes to just visit the fam.] Sure, I went to Ohio in May, but I drove way too damn much for that to be something I’d call a vacation.

Last week of the month, I’ll be off from work for a week [glorious!], without anyone calling me or me calling them [even better! I was in touch with the office all during my week out in May], spending part of the time with my parents and the rest of the time by my own damn self. I’m even going to Lake Guntersville for a couple days. But I won’t tell you when, Internet, so you don’t try to break in my house and steal my stuff.

[Besides, I boobytrap the place.]