I considered an ice pick to help things along.

Several years ago—at least eight, given where I was living at the time—I got a middle ear infection and an external infection in the same ear. I remember that narcotics really didn’t make it stop hurting; the only thing that touched it was one Extra Strength Tylenol paired with 1000mg of ibuprofen. [Before you shake your head, I had an RN tell me about that combination. She said that she’d had that stop pain when nothing else would, not even narcotics.]

Oh yes … right before I start my vacation, I’ve come down with the same combination of maladies. I’m so thrilled. I went to the doctor for the middle ear infection on Monday, and the external one really fired up today, causing me to leave work so I could go back to the doctor. I’ve got these drops that are supposed to dull the pain [no dice] and more that are antibiotics [I think those might actually be working], costing me $100 combined. [Amusingly, the narcotic? $10.] Until the Darvocet kicked in a half-hour ago, I was intermittently yelping just to get the pain stress out of my body. Now I’m sorta … dulled to it all.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna hit up a 24-hour drugstore about 0500 for some Extra Strength Tylenol … that’s the only way I’ll make it through tomorrow. :sigh: