GNM: Andy Gullahorn’s Reinventing the Wheel

By Andy Gullahorn
By Andy Gullahorn

I was goofing off on Facebook today, playing Word Twist, when I realized that I better, oh, listen to Andy Gullahorn’s record if I was gonna play him in WT. 😉 [Andy, thank you for comping me the CD. You might say that I should thank Jill. I’m thanking you because you’re big and can kick my butt. Jill can just slap me like it’s a soap opera.]

Andy has a whole page about RtW on his site, which links to reviews, lyrics, where to buy it, and the like. Two worth reading are Christianity Today‘s review and my friend Brandon’s review. I’ve listened to the record as I played Gully in Word Twist [dangit, he’s better than me … sad panda] and as I wrote this, and I must say … I really like it.

4 thoughts on “GNM: Andy Gullahorn’s Reinventing the Wheel

  1. So, let me get this straight: this record’s been out for at least a year now, and you only get around to owning it and listening to it because Gully comped it for ya? 😉

    Tsk tsk.

    (For the record, I haven’t challenged Gully yet in WordTwist, but Toe has beaten me twice. :sad panda:)

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