GNM: Randall Goodgame’s Bluebird

Randall Goodgame

Originally uploaded by Geof F. Morris

Geof gave us this album not too long ago and I rolled my eyes because he’s pushed his Christian version of “crying in my beer music” on us before. I am totally eating those words because there is nothing better and brighter (or less “crying in my beer”) than this song.

Misty, talking about music. She was referring to fellow Square Peg Eric Peters, but I’ve introduced her to this guy, too. [And she will want to borrow my copy as soon as she reads this, I expect.]

Admittedly, I listen to sad music. To quote Linford Detweiler, “Sad music makes me happy.” But I don’t find Randall Goodgame’s new EP, Bluebird, to be sad at all—even when listening to “Heaven Waits”, which is one way Randall processed Hurricane Katrina. I’ve heard some of these songs previously, and I’ve been waiting for a new RG record for some time—and even with just six tracks, this does not disappoint! Of course, I can say that because I was at the live-band release show. 🙂 [And yes, I have a recording. I’ll get to it when I’m not working six days a week.]

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